The 6th Morioka Ice Rink Memorial Cup

Event Name: 2020-2021 World Curling Tour Japan Challenger Series    “The 6th Morioka Ice Rink Memorial Cup

The Host Organization: Morioka Curling Association (MCA)

Co-Host Organization: City of Morioka (Under negotiation), Iwate Curling Association (ICA), World Curling Tour Japan (WCT-J)

Management: Morioka Curling Club (MCC)

Collaboration: IGR Tourist Co., Ltd., other negotiations in progress

Support: negotiations in progress 

Venue: Michinoku Coca-Cola Bottling Rink (Morioka Ice Rink)    Address; 5-3-3, Motomiya, Morioka, 020-0866, Japan   
Tel; +81-19-601-5001

Men’s part; June 6 (Saturday) – June 7 (Sunday) , 2020
Women’s part; June 27 (Saturday) – June 28 (Sunday) , 2020

Number of entry: Men; 8 teams, Women; 8 teams (If less than 6 teams are not held)

Entry Qualifications:

 ・We recommend that you have registered to WCT as a team.

・If more than 8 teams are entered, the MCC Selection Committee shall select the team to participate.

・Up to two teams will be selected by the MCC Selection Committee if there are entries from abroad.

・In the event that a large number of applications are received,
the Selection Committee shall select the candidates by May 1, and notify each team representative.

・If the number of teams is less than 8, the participation of the entered teams will be finalized, and participation will be accepted until one week prior to the Games.

・We will have two teams of MCC participate in this competition.

Number of member registrations: 5 Players and One coach per team.

Competition rules: WCF The Rules of Curling and Rules of Competition, Oct. 2018 and Oct. 2019

Competition method: 

【Qualifying】 Group league system

・The timer is running.

・End at 8th end or end at 110 minutes

 【Final】 Tournament system

・30-minute thinking time system for 8 end games

・In the case of a draw at the end of the 8th end, the shot of the representative of each team will decide the outcome.

・The extra end only in the final match.

・If participating team is less than 6 teams, this competition is held round robin.

Participation cost: 50,000 yen per team (including lunch and reception fee)

Prize: The total amount is 240,000 yen or more (the total amount of prize money will increase if the number of sponsoring companies increases.)

Points: WCT points will be awarded according to rank when the event is held in eight teams.

Live Streaming: The state of the competition is scheduled for live streaming on “Abema TV” or “youtube”.

Entry: Fill out the application form and email it to the following address.

※We cannot answer about the criteria set by the selection board.


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